Rethinking the Urban Landscape Exhibition – 3rd-17th August ’15

3rd – 17th August/ Newcastle City Library

The aim of the exhibition, curated by The Building Centre and the Landscape Institute, is to help argue the case to commit investment to ‘green infrastructure’ in the early stages of city and regeneration planning. It sets out to demonstrate that with long-term landscape planning cities can become healthier, safer and happier places to be – weaving more enjoyable and inspiring environments throughout the urban fabric whilst helping with other factors, i.e reducing the risk of flooding and improving air quality.

The exhibition was first displayed at The Building Centre before being showcased at Ecobuild, and is now travelling across the UK. Projects featured in the exhibition include Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, The Garden Bridge and Kings Cross Central, alongside other landscape developments.

An evening reception will be held on Wednesday 5th August 2015 in the Bewick Hall of Newcastle City Library from 6 – 8pm and we look forward to seeing you there.

LINE Exhibition Rethinking the Urban Landscape2

LINE Exhibition Rethinking the Urban Landscape

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